Bellis Deluxe Hotel accepts acting with social responsibility awareness in all operations as a part of the latent value of respect to human beings and closeness to society as part of the main and firm factors of the management concept.   We do not think that the extent of our social responsibility concept is limited with our business activities and their effects.   We designate our social responsibility concept and our priorities on this subject by considering the best for society and environment. We care to take on a leading role in activities in the direction of protecting democracy, human rights and environment.

Principles, which we consider as our essentials in our social responsibility practices, are as follow: 

·         As Bellis Deluxe Hotel inside the industry which we conduct business we care about fulfilling our social and environmental responsibilities toward society in a harmonious cooperation with our employees, public, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders.   

·         We believe that our human resources are the most important factor of sustainable development. We care that we chose our employees from local society with the purpose to contribute to regional economy. We ensure that our employees benefits from their personal rights fully and accurately. We commit to create equal opportunity, safe and secure working environment and we approach to our employees in an honest and fair fashion.  We strive for personal development of our employees and pay regards to the balance between their business and personal lives.

·         We do not accept discriminating between employees inside the establishment for the reasons of their language, race, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, and physical handicap and similar.

·         We follow the rules of entities (FLA, ILO, ETI) on the subject of international social responsibility together with the business partnership rules of our clients by abiding by the laws and directives in effect; we make commitment that we shall not fire or retire anyone based on his/her race, social class, religion, national roots, gender or political relationships or discriminate on the subjects of hiring, compensation, access to education/training and promotion and we are aware that all our employees have equal rights.

·         We ensure that the people who have different beliefs, opinions and ideas work in harmony by avoiding environment of conflicts and support cooperation, positivity and harmony.

·         We conduct routine medical examinations and allow our employees to benefit from the medical services provided by the doctor in the hotel for the purpose of contributing to the “maintenance of health” which is the most important factor for our employees to have and to continue living quality and successful lives.

·         As Bellis Deluxe Hotel, we believe that all our employees have right to work in an environment that has working conditions appropriate to person’s honor, safety and security.   Our employees are the most valuable assets of ours it is our prioritized business target to protect and ensure security of our employees.

·         We ensure that there is no verbal, physical, psychological abuse or violence in order for preserving peace of the working environment and happiness of employees. We are aware that working is connected to volunteering essential and there will be no work tied to any obligation or debt with a contract.

·         We care about not hiring any children under the age of 16 for healthy development and respect to educational right; we act according to the procedures and essentials of employing young laborer.

·         We are fully aware that adaptation to company rules and company social conformity conditions is also necessary and an important criterion as much as technical and occupational knowledge and experience when hiring in order to ensure the company’s ethical criteria;   we are also fully aware that policy of prevention of discrimination and abuse-violence-battery indicated below is valid starting from the moment of hiring. 

·         Believing that the basis of social compliance is awareness, we ensure that the awareness levels of the employers are raised by informing them on the subjects of employee personal rights/benefits, company rules, working conditions during certain periods during time of working and stage of hiring.    

·         We ensure that the amount of payment we make to our employees is at minimum wage and above by being in conformity with the laws and directives in effect for the times of working hours and overtime  and due to respect towards productive work and human rights and by taking minimum wage as essential as minimum amount which will meet the living expenses of employees  and we also ensure that the overtime wages are paid by making additions in a way prescribed by the law.

·         We manage the environmental affects which may possibly arise from all types of our activities with responsibility awareness. All our companies shall minimize the environmental effects of activities at appropriate level in areas of operation and they are obligated to designate and practice all types of improvement and development operations. 

·         We expect from our company to support all types of attempt which will raise environmental awareness and assist in development and spread of environment friendly technologies and best environmental solutions beyond legal responsibilities.

·         As Bellis Deluxe Hotel, we strive for our development within the frame of corporate social responsibility principle. We support our employees on the subject of volunteering in suitable social and societal activities to take place with the social responsibility awareness.

·         We care to develop approaches that are towards insuring that primarily our suppliers and all our business partners act according to Bellis Deluxe Hotel standards in the area of social responsibility and we also care that these approaches are practiced.  

·         On behalf of supporting economy and society; we ensure understanding the expectations and needs of our guests, suppliers, local entities and local community including all our stakeholders and we improve our communications with those stakeholders. 

·         We act responsibly towards all legal regulations and the traditions and cultures of our guests who come from Turkey and other countries of the world. We strive so that all our guests experience our local traditions in the special organizations which we prepare.

All principles found on this policy certificate are practiced with required regulations and levels of those practices are inspected by concerning authorities. We consider that the success we show in social responsibility practices as an important criterion in our performance evaluation.  We share the corporate social responsibility activities we perform via social media as Bellis Deluxe Hotel.

All our managers and employees, primarily the General Coordinator, are responsible from practices of Bellis Deluxe Hotel corporate social responsibility.  

This policy certificate is prepared to share Bella Deluxe Hotel’s commitment clearly stating that we will meet all types of responsibilities that falls onto our shoulders to provide a better world and future for all our employees and all our other stakeholders. 

Gıyas  ŞAHİN                                                                                                                                                                                   General Coordinator


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