As Bellis Deluxe Hotel

We set-up the quality management system required to meet customer demands in the best way that we possibly can and we provide continues training to our employees in line with and on the subjects of company goals and targets and personal development.

We conduct studies for maintenance of sustainability with the principle of continuous improvement in offering our clients the products and services in conformity with the regulations. We ensure personnel satisfaction before ensuring guest satisfaction.

In order to create safe and hygienic environment for our guests and personnel we offer food that is physically, chemically and microbiologically clean and contains balanced and sufficient amount of all nutrients.  

In order to establish food safety with the principle of “From Farm to Fork”; we practice consciously with our entire personnel the food safety and hygiene standards by effectively continuing the inspections at each step starting with the supplier evaluation and delivery and going right up to product production. 

As an establishment we continuously raise hygiene standards and ensure their practice as a system.

We make new investments and aim to become a leader under all circumstances by working in harmony with the country and regional policies. 

We develop and use competitive performance methods by combining past knowledge and experience with today’s information and technology.

By ensuring that we are on the same footing, in other words under equal circumstances with national and international tour operators and suppliers, we continue to work with maximum stability, and in harmony by continuously communicating.   

We create our clear and transparent management regime with our principles of professionalism, honesty, diligence and reliability.



General Coordinator

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