Work Safety and Security Policy we have internalized as BELLİS DELUXE HOTEL is based on respect we have towards people and the environment that they live in. BELLİS DELUXE HOTEL’s first priority in every area that it operates is Work Safety and Security (WSS) and it expresses this concept with the slogan of “protect your health, protect your job”.   Everyone is responsible, in order to have a safe and secure work environment, from performing what is within in his/her authorization limits.  Our other most important target is to protect our employees, our environment and our line of business against possible risks. 

Parallel to what is mentioned above; we make a commitment as our WSS policy to take all measures necessary according to WSS regulations and other requirements concerning WSS and are in effect at the moment to ensure safety and security of our employees, subcontractors, visitors being in our establishment and our personnel working outside of our establishment and to have all tools and Personal Protective Equipment necessary in our establishment and use them in all types of business activities/operations we perform; to ensure what is below as our WSS policy;  

·         To perform an effective risk analysis to determine unsecure actions/operations and conditions which may cause work accidents and occupational ailments and possible accident risks at the establishment and in its attachments beforehand and to eliminate them,  

·         To determine risks which may cause operational accidents and occupational hazards/ailments at work and to minimize all types of financial and emotional loss / damage suffered by employee himself/herself or his/her family, to warrant safety, security and social wellbeing of employees, visitors and subcontractors at all levels,

·         To train our employees on the area of work safety and security and ensure that they are well aware of  work safety and security,

·         To ensure that the subcontractor and visitors who are providing service at the establishment to comply with the with the concerning rules and regulations that BELLİS DELUXE HOTEL has set/established about work safety and security,  

·         To turn BELLİS DELUXE HOTEL into an example establishment before affiliates, chambers of industry and associations in terms of WSS practices,

·         By taking in consideration the development of industrial world, to predict the possible risks to encounter in future from today, to continue to improve and to evaluate our circumstances,

·         To secure sustainability of our WSS Management System that is in effect and established in this line.


General Coordinator


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